Speech, Language Therapy,training,  5 to 18 years
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Speech & Language Therapy can help if your child -

Is not talking as much as other
children of the same age
Has unclear speech and is
difficult to understand

Only communicates
by pointing
Is not responding appropriately to
spoken instructions
Has dysfluent
Has poor listening and attention skills

Our Therapy Service offers:

Speech, Language and Communication Assessment
Therapy (individual plus parental support)

Benefits for your child -

New skills to help bring about changes in the areas of difficulty; To be a more effective communicator;
How to recognise when s/he is stuck; How to ask for help; New problem solving skills for self help;
To use language skills more effectively.

Our service is for:

Children from pre-school to 18 years old
Children with academic, social and/or emotional difficulties
Children with challenging behaviours due
to communication difficulties

Benefits for parents/carers –

The opportunity to learn more about your child's difficulties;
Access to information to help your child;
Support in developing new skills for yourself and your child;
Space to be listened to and discuss your concerns;
The opportunity to be involved in the therapy decision making process.


Speech Language Therapy, Fulham


One-hour Therapy session £60

45-min Therapy session £55

Initial half-price (£30) one-hour consultation to discuss needs.

Speech, Language and Communication Assessment £80 - £130


Possible areas of intervention:

  • Listening and talking with others.
  • Play skills
  • Language understanding and use.
  • Asking and answering questions.
  • Developing Speech Sounds
  • Learning Vocabulary and Concepts
  • Self-esteem and social interaction.
  • Auditory Memory
  • Sequencing
  • Planning and Organisation