Massage, Swedish, hot stones, Fulham, Parsons Green


Swedish Deep Tissue

0.5 hour : £28

0.75 hour : £39

1.0 hour : £53

1.25 hour : £66.25

1.5 hour : £77

2.0 hour : £102


Benefits:  Reduction of stress levels and muscular aches and pains, increased circulation. Additional Deep Tissue work helps remove muscle ‘knots’ and heal long standing muscle damage.












swedish massage, hot stones, Fulham, Parsons Green
Swedish massage consists of a series of techniques applying pressure to individual muscles or muscle groups by pressing them against deeper muscle or bone. By massaging the muscles in the same direction as the flow of blood to the heart, Swedish massage increases blood flow and removes toxins, helping to shorten recovery time from muscle strain.

Way of Therapy
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When deeper muscle aches or knots are experienced, Deep Tissue work is used to slowly work down into underlying muscles to loosen and repair tissue.


deep tissue Hot and cold stones can be applied during a treatment to work deeply without applying excessive pressure. The heat from hot stones is deeply penetrating and the alternating use of hot and cold together flushes deeper muscles with new blood, increasing circulation and aiding recovery of damaged tissue.